Zeno Q-Phone

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The Zeno Q-Phone was precisely crafted with aluminum metal form fitted with a gorgeous glass display. With an 18:9 screen ratio, user can fully emerge into the big screen while still fitting comfortably in your hand and leaving more for your viewing pleasure.
Internal Memory*:
  • 16 Gb

  • Great Design. With a special matte and polished finished effect on the battery cover, the device provides a great paint free design finish. A perfect shape ensures great  experience.
  • Display. Enjoy the device vividly stunning display and experience your visual experience like no other. Watch the great recent content with excellent display quality.
  • Processor & Memory. The device has enough of internal memory for all your music, photos and movies. If you should need additional storage the device has expandable memory up to 64GB with a built in MicroSD slot.

Battery Сapacity 3000 mAh
Screen Size 5"

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